Miko Restaurant

Hungarian specific restaurant

Miko Resaurant represents the original taste inspired by the hungarian traditional and international cuisine.

Dear customers,
Even the most skilled chefs need a break.
From 25 July to 12 August, our restaurant is closed for holidays.
See you with the same tasty dishes, starting with August 13th.
Thank you for understanding!

Even the most passionate chefs relax during the Easter holidays. Therefore, the Miko Restaurant program:



We wish you a Happy Easter!


About us

What does Miko represent

gulas unguresc cu carne de vita
Our mission is to offer very good services with incomparable cuisine.

The MIKO Restaurant in Cluj-Napoca is specially designed for our guest and for their needs who are looking for a cozy Hungarian restaurant in Cluj. A place where we provide You a warm atmosphere, professional and friendly service and a large variety of delightful Hungarian food. We do our best and we go the extra mile and beyond to make our guests to feel special and important.Our meals are delicious traditional Hungarian style home cooking.
The MIKO has two halls and is the only restaurant where you can find quality food, service and friendly ambiance.
The MIKO also has a terrace (spring till fall) where you and your loved ones can enjoy a wonderful dinner under the old walnut
Our hospitable staff create a perfectly friendly and homey ambiance for romance, fun, and party.

Where does the name "Miko" come frome?

Our restaurant is situated in the center of Cluj in the MIKO Garden neighborhood near the collage campus. Restaurantul a primit numele de la Imre Mikó count.

Count Imre Mikó de Hidvég (4 September 1805 – 16 September 1876) was a Hungarianstatesman, politician, economist, historian and patron from Transylvania, who served asMinister of Public Works and Transport between 1867 and 1870. He was one of the liberal-oriented, prominent figures of the politics of Transylvania in the 19th century. He functioned as Governor of Transylvania twice (1848 and 1860-1861). He worked tirelessly for the rise of his home in economic, cultural and scientific areas, earning the honorary title of “Széchenyi of Transylvania”.

He started his political career as an official of the Gubernium (the Government of Transylvania) in 1826, and reached the position of Treasurer in 1847, at the same time he became a leading figure of the liberal opposition in Transylvania. He was appointed interim then actual Governor during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. He presided the Székely National Assembly inAgyagfalva (today: Lutița, Romania), which supported the Hungarian War of Independence. After defeat of the uprising, he retired from the politics for a time as a follower of the Passive Resistance. He only devoted his life for the ascension of the economical and cultural life of Transylvania until the 1860s. He participated in the foundations of Transylvanian Economical Association (1854) and Transylvanian Museum Society (1859). Besides these he had also important role in the establishment of the Franz Joseph University at Kolozsvár (today: Cluj-Napoca, Romania) in 1872. He sponsored the National Theatre of Kolozsvár, encouraged the emergence of modern education and agriculture and actively took part in the cases of Calvinist Diocese of Transylvania. He edited and published the three volumes of Erdélyi történelmi adatok (“Historical data handbook of Transylvania”), with this he created an essential forum of the Transylvanian historiography as an organizer of science, but he himself also wrote historical studies. He politicized since the 1860s again, firstly as Governor of Transylvania, later as Member of Parliament for Kolozsvár in the National Assembly of 1865. He served as Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Cabinet of Gyula Andrássy, the first government of Hungary after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. He was associated with the construction of railway between Hungary and Transylvania, as well as the foundation of the state railway company, the predecessor of today’s Hungarian State Railways (Magyar Államvasutak – MÁV).

Open hours


12:00 – 22:00


Traditional cooked food
Marina Musetescu
Marina Musetescu
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We usually take the lunch break here. They have very delicious food. I highly recommend the spinach with eggs. Yumm
László Ambrus
László Ambrus
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Here you can find great Hungarian traditional food, well prepared, big variety. The staff is very kind. They organize events, and there is a nice exterior terrace. What makes it more special that they have live music too.
Arnold Temerdek
Arnold Temerdek
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Nice place with Hungarian cuisine.